Mahjong Solitaire  
Mahjong Solitaire games to play free online. Eliminate the tiles from each Mahjong towers game.    

Mahjong Tiles Mahjong Tiles Solitaire A fast paced tile matching game. Time is running out in each level and you have to remove all the tiles pair by pair; what are you waiting for?
Free Mahjong Game Play five levels of this matching tiles version of the old Chinese board game Mahjong, and eliminate all the tiles and towers.
Great Mahjong Game Play and solve level after level of mahjong solitaire with the tiles placed in unique tower arrangements.
Mahjong Mahjong Free online solitaire to play full screen. The tiles are organized in the classic tower configuration, and the master graphic design of the set represent Chinese themes, typical of Mahjong Solitaire Games.


Mahjong Solitaire

The objective of the Mahjong Solitaire game is to remove all the tiles from the towers.

Mahjong rules allow the player to remove pairs of tiles of the same kind (same graphic) if they have the right or left side free and are unblocked or with no other tiles on top. Some versions may apply a different principle.

In most Mahjong solitaire games there are four tiles for each character, flowers, trees, animals, people, seasons and other images are different and usually have one of each kind; you can match and remove tiles of the same category (tree with tree, flower with flower, etc.)

There is a strategy to complete the game, it is better to be selective and remove the tiles that will open open options, and not the ones that will block the game.

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